Come to one of our monthly meetings held on the second Wednesday of the month

Civil Defense Training Center

Bath, NY

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KLARA Calendar




KLARION 2017 No.1(PDF)

KLARION 2016 No.1(PDF)

KLARION 2016 No.2(PDF)

KLARION 2016 No.3(PDF)

KLARION 2016 No.4(PDF)

KLARION 2015 No.1(PDF)

KLARION 2015 No.2(PDF)

KLARION 2015 No.3(PDF)

KLARION 2015 No.4(PDF)

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Keuka Lake Amateur Radio Association, N2AAR (Club)


KLARA Board Members for 2016-2017

Jerrilyn Baker KE2YB - Secretary

Dave Beeman - KD2CZX - Board Member

Nancy Bob - KS2YL - Board Member

Harold Scharmberg -N2FMS- President

Richard Walters - KC2SBU- Board Member

Ruth Walters - KD2FRT- Treasurer

Ben Woodruff - KD2HEM - Vice President


We have a regular Net held at 8pm Sundays

Net Control Operators Schedule :

1st Sunday of the month: KD2CZY or KC2VAW

2nd Sunday of the month: KD2AQR or KC2YTD

3rd Sunday of the month: KS2YL

4th Sunday of the month: KD2BPJ

5th Sunday of the month: KD2HEM

This is a very informal net. You do not need to be a member to check in.

The purpose of this net is to:

This is a directed net. Please listen closely to net control and do not transmit, barring emergency traffic, unless requested.

When checking into the net, please give your call sign, first name, location, and the word TRAFFIC if you have any to pass. Please check in for yourself only … your voice, your call sign. All check-ins are welcome, we're very happy to have you with us.Please note, although we do strive to be informal, this is a directed net. Please pass all traffic through the net control station.

KLARA Round Table / Fun Net

Tuesday evenings we have a Fun Net. This is a round table net which kicks off at 7:00 PM, every Tuesday night. There are no regularly scheduled control stations.


The Mission of the Keuka Lake Amateur Radio Association

To promote interest in Amateur Radio communication and advancement of the radio art.

To conduct programs, training, and exercises that enhance the skills of the members, and educate the community.

To develop ties with other services and establish relationships with community organizations.

To provide emergency communication services.

To promote enjoyable Amateur Radio-related events.